GOTHAM Cast Announces BATMAN V SUPERMAN Sneak Peek, Chooses Sides

The first BATMAN V SUPERMAN sneak peek lands Monday during GOTHAM!

It’s an age-old question that’s got all the fans riled up: Batman or Superman? One has wealth, technology, and impressive combat training, but the other has freaking superpowers! If you’re torn, your decision may be easier after you watch a Gotham exclusive Batman V Superman sneak peek during the show’s mid-season finale!

Ahead of the sneak peek airing, the cast of Gotham was asked to pick a side in the battle. They’re definitely biased and some are just afraid of young David Mazouz, but one cast member dares to speak out, despite the fear of being fired.

Gotham’s accompanying episode, ‘Worse Than A Crime’, airs Monday on FOX. Here’s the preview:

There’s no word on exactly when the sneak peek will air, but you would bet that we won’t be seeing much until the end of the episode so viewers get their fill of the show first.

Superman sneak peek penguin

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