GOTHAM Casts Nicholas D’Agosto As Young Harvey Dent

Nicholas D’Agosto (MASTERS OF SEX, HEROES) will be taking on the pivotal role of young Harvey Dent aka the future Two-Face in Fox’s BATMAN prequel series, GOTHAM.

Photo credit: Variety
Photo credit: Variety

In his introduction, Dent will already be an Assistant District Attorney working through the ranks of the Gotham court system. The show promises hints at the troubled nature that will eventually lead him to become a villain along with interactions with Salvatore Maroni (played by David Zayas), who disfigured him in the comics.

However, we’re a little thrown off that Harvey Dent is already being introduced at a point in which he’s well into his law career and being played by a 34-year-old actor. Most BATMAN canon has Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne being similar in age, but in GOTHAM, Bruce is still a boy.