GOTHAM Clip: Villains Assemble Thanks To Theo Galavan

The Arkham Asylum villains assemble under GOTHAM’s newest baddie!

Penguin may be the new boss to beat in Gotham, but there are still plenty of others rising through the ranks! One such villain is Theo Galavan, a wealthy man whose familial roots trace back to the foundation of Gotham with a plan to bend the city and its inhabitants to his will. Of course, he’ll need some muscle and madness along the way. The Arkham Asylum villains assemble to hear Galavan out (though a bit unwillingly) in a new clip from the Season 2 premiere episode, “Damned If You Do”.

Among Galavan’s six picks are Jerome Valeska and Barbara Gordon, which could make for a very interesting story should his sinister plans play out.

Some fans have speculated that this meeting represents the early foundation for the Suicide Squad, but it seems pretty unlikely given that DC Comics television is already using a similar concept over on Arrow. It’s possible that the group will hint at another DC supervillain group, the Secret Six, however. The Secret Six has changed repeatedly since its introduction, but recent renditions feature big-name Batman villains.

Gotham returns with “Damned If You Do” on September 21, 2015.

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