GOTHAM Goes To The Lunatics In Season 2 Trailer

The lunatics of Arkham Asylum take over in the latest GOTHAM Season 2 trailer!

In his relatively short career, Jim Gordon has dealt with unsavory characters of all sorts– career criminals, conspiracy theorists, cult leaders, and violent offenders galore! But in Season 2, it’s all about the lunatics!

In the latest Season 2 trailer, we’re seeing flashes of Oswald Cobblepot, Cameron Monaghan as Jerome (who might be The Joker, but could very well be a red herring), and Tigress staging a break-in! We’ve also got Jim going off the deep end a bit himself as he works to wrangle in the chaos. The tagline for the trailer reads “The lunatics will run the asylum”.

Like its first season, Gotham Season 2 will be 22 episodes long and cover multiple story arcs. the new season premieres on September 21, 2015.


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