GOTHAM Season 2 Promo Gives Rise to Villains

According to this promo, it shows that Gotham‘s season 2 promo gives rise to villains, especially a look at Tabitha Galavan aka Tigress (Jessica Lucas) and an evilly giddy Jerome Valeska aka the future Joker (Cameron Monaghan).  You’ll be able to see both a few times in this short promo.

Other villains featured in the “Villains Rising” are those returning from season 1, Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Edward Nygma aka The Riddler (Corey Michael Smith), and semi-villain Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), as well as new Theo Galavan (James Frain), the brother of Tigress, and – unconfirmed at the moment – Robert Greenwood (Dustin Ybarra).

Of course, we see Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) again, hopefully taking on a more action-packed version of the detective.  What’s interesting is seeing his ex-fiance Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) in a seemingly more villainous turn as we catch a glimpse of her being friendly with Tabitha, while holding what looks like a sort of whip.  Who knows what that means for the character, but I’m definitely interested in finding out what’s become of her since her psycho murder attempt in the season 1 finale.

Source: Collider


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