GOTHAM Teases A Shootout in ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ Previews

Will ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ be able to save her from a new evil?

Say what you will about Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin, but the boy loves his momma! So of course, things are going to get a little bit crazy on Gotham when her life is threatened in tonight’s episode, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’!

Official Synopsis:

Butch leads Penguin and his men to the warehouse where Gertrude is being held, as Penguin plots his revenge on Galavan for kidnapping his mother. Meanwhile, Nygma deals with the aftermath of a deadly accident.

There’s also several clips from the episode explaining what we can expect from the characters before the madness goes down.

First, Theo Galavan isn’t afraid to lay out what his first decree as mayor will be, much to the chagrin of Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, and Captain Barnes.

Theo is also crushing another threat, Penguin, with the help of his sister Tabitha and former Penguin associate Butch. He seems to have the Season 1 baddie at his mercy by the end of the clip, but we definitely don’t think Penguin is down for the count!

Next, the teen drama comes to a head as Selina Kyle and Bruce’s new girlfriend Silver St. Cloud, who just so happens to be Theo Galavan’s niece, have their first private interaction and the claws come out!

‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ airs tonight on FOX.


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