“Gray” Gives Me Shivers

Fellow Delirium fan reverieinancientgreek recently posted this on her tumblr.

This quote reminds me of another one of my favorites, which I love simply because Alex is so cunning:

”    ‘There was an…incident at her evaluation,’ he says, his voice icy. He and the guard are both staring at me.  … ‘Nothing too severe. But her parents and my superiors thought she might benefit from a little reminder of the dangers of disobedience.
   The guard flicks his eyes over me. … ‘What kind of incident,’ he says…
   He drops his voice, but I can still hear him. ‘Her favorite color is the color of sunrise.’ “

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Okay, Invalids, what are your odd favorites? I’ll start: My favorite smell is the smell of laundry in the wash. Not as poetic as the gray of a sunrise, but hey, we’ve all got our quirks!

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