GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Director Reveals Awesome Mix Volume Zero

We all know about Awesome Mix Volume 1, the bestselling soundtrack of classic rock, pop, and funk songs from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. But did you know there was an Awesome Mix Volume ZERO?

Director James Gunn infamously blasted the songs from Awesome Mix Volume 1 for the cast in the scenes where they’d be used, but he also created a special mix of party songs especially for the extras who stayed up all night for daunting shoots for the Boot of Jemiah sequence, which Gunn has redubbed Awesome Mix Volume Zero.

Even better? You can listen now!

Awesome Mix Volume Zero from mattymurdock on 8tracks Radio.

1. Never Wanted to Dance – Mindless Self Indulgence
2. Party Hard – Andrew WK
3. The Way It Was – Aceyalone (feat. Bionik)
4. I Like It, I Love It – Lyrics Born
5. Let’s Dance to Joy Division – The Wombats
6. Start Wearing Purple – Gogol Bordello
7. Ben Vereen – Pigeon John
8. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
9. Black Fist – Juskwam and Lyrikill
10. Timebomb – The Old 97′s