Before I heard they were making a movie, I had never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. This seems to be the case for many people out there.  So, I was unsure of this whole concept.  I mean, there’s a talking raccoon, and a tree-like creature!  It just sounded a little over-the-top.

But as I heard more and more about it, I became really excited.  I can’t remember what exactly changed my mind, but I knew after seeing that phenomenal first trailer, I was sold.

So, now that the movie’s out, do I feel the same way about it as I did before?  You betcha!

It starts off deceptively ordinary, almost so ordinary, I didn’t really the movie had started.  A few minutes in, you finally get the title credits, and from the start, I felt that ongoing lightheartedness emerge and not stop.  I don’t know if you’ll ever get an opening credits sequence of a Marvel movie that enjoyable.


From the moment that Chris Pratt‘s Peter “Star-Lord” Quill comes on screen, you know you’re going to like him.  Chris Pratt does an excellent job in engaging the audience, making us see this alien universe through his terran eyes, as he tries to talk his way out of every situation, in Han Solo-like manner, without looking like a wannabe Han Solo.  Pratt is Star-Lord.

Then you have the assassin and the destroyer, Gamora played by Zoe Saldana, and Drax played by Dave Bautista.  Zoe has done kick-ass roles before and each time, so it was not a stretch to see her as Gamora, who is not as hard-hearted as she may seem at first.  This role was made for her.  Surprisingly enough, it seemed the role of Drax was specifically made for time actor Dave Bautista.  He’s still new to the Hollywood scene, but this is his biggest role to date, and the literalness of his character gives him an additional humorous side to his acting range.


Now perhaps unsurprising to fans is the remarkable emotion the CGI characters give.  Bradley Cooper provides the voice for Rocket Raccoon, which he does so wonderfully, but the raccoon’s actions give just as much believability to the character, as do the actions of Groot, who’s one repeated phrase (“I am Groot,” voiced by Vin Diesel) still gives me the giggles.  It’s amazing, though, how one phrase can be perceived when spoken with differing tones and inflections.  Surprisingly, these two characters give probably one of the most emotional scenes in the movie.

Other notable supporting characters that move the story along are Lee Pace and Karen Gillan as Ronan the Accuser and Nebula, respectively.  These two villains are in fact villains and nothing more, but they definitely make you pay attention to them when they’re on screen.  Probably the most surprising factor about these actors is how much they differ from their characters.  But that’s a testament to who they are as talented people, being so sweet, and yet being able to convey the villainy of their character so effortlessly.  It’s quite wonderful being able to see some of your favorite actors on screen and yet, not seeing them but the character they’re playing.  I guess the make-up helps, too.


Which brings me to point out how flawless the make-up was done to bring these characters to life.   Any director or make-up artist who argues that having a person don blue, green, pink or whatever color, skin wouldn’t look realistic on screen needs to take their cues from this movie.  It can be done, and it doesn’t distract from their acting.

As for the visual effects, I have no complaints about them at all.  I’m not one to nitpick, especially when the story and the characters have sucked me in.  And that’s what’s makes for an excellent movie, especially one where there are massive visual effects.

By the end of the movie, I knew I’d be back for more.  And I knew why Marvel was confident in announcing the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, with a set date in mind!  What’s great about a movie like this is that it doesn’t expect you to take it seriously, and yet, there’s heart to it.  There’s a lot of everything in it, and it’s just a whole lotta fun.  I am definitely going to watch it again, and in 3D the second time around, as I opted for the regular non-3D for the first time.

If you’re wondering about the end credit scene, there is one.

One final thing.  The soundtrack.  That is all.

My rating: A 



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