Guess Who’s At SDCC? The Scorch Trials! Guess Who Else Is At SDCC? Not Me…

It’s that time of year again. The time where incredible cosplays take over Twitter, where new GIFs and updates are posted to Tumblr, and where every member of every fandom who doesn’t live close to America cries because airfare is too expensive. Yes, ComicCon has returned- bigger and crazier than ever- to San Diego.

All set for the September release of the movie, our Mighty Gladers (Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster), as well as new comers to the cast Giancarlo Esposito and Rosa Salazar graced Hall H at the expo centre to give us new insight into life as part of an enthusiastic and dynamic cast, as well as the movie itself. Author of the thrilling dystopian saga James Dashner and director Wes Ball were also present.

A new trailer for the movie was released during the panel, and I hope that if you’ve seen it already that you weren’t eating, because it is gruesome! We finally get a good look at The Cranks (humans that’ve had their minds ravaged beyond repair by The Flare who seem to also be part-plant), corpses of those who haven’t survived, and a mysterious amnesiac of a woman who calls Thomas by name…

Director Wes Ball has described this movie as ‘a little bit of a horror movie’ and that it follows immediately on from the end of the first. He also stated that this movie is ‘the highlight of his career’. There was an all-over feel of banter about the cast during their panel; little inside jokes and light teasing happening while questions were asked, and I think we all know that with a cast as strong as this, the movie will be even stronger.

Questions are still left unanswered, though. Are WCKD’s intentions good? Have our brave heroes walked themselves into another trap? Will they survive? For those of you who’ve read the books, please don’t spoil it, but rather sit there in glee and watch the audience around you squirm and gasp in shock as you reach another plot twist.


C’mon, Gladers, we’ve only got 2 months left until we get to see the whole thing (as well as that steamy kiss between two characters and an even steamier shower scene), so put it down on one of those countdown apps. You aren’t gonna want to miss this.

The Scorch Trials is released on September 18th this year.