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Guess Who’s Returning For ONCE UPON A TIME’s 100th Episode?

ABC officially confirms a big episode rumor for the ONCE UPON A TIME midseason return!

When Once Upon A Time returns to ABC for the back half of Season 5, the characters will be making a dangerous journey through the Underworld– a topsy turvy version of Storybrooke– to rescue Hook. The story lends itself to an almost endless list of big character returns, assuming the actors are willing to come back. Several returning characters have already been announced, including Cora, Peter Pan, Cruella De Vil, and more.

However, a big return that’s been suspected (thanks to social media leaks) has been officially confirmed!

once upon a time neal

Michael Raymond-James aka Neal Cassidy/Baelfire will meet up with his old friends in the Underworld, where he apparently lingers thanks to some unfinished business. Perhaps while he helps the surviving residents of Storybrooke, he can find the peace he needs to move beyond. We’re definitely expecting one serious reunion when Neal and his son, Henry, see each other once again, plus a therapeutic moment or two for Emma Swan or Rumpelstiltskin!


Once Upon A Time returns to ABC with the 100th episode, ‘Souls of the Departed,’ on March 6, 2016.


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