Guinness Makes it Official: GAME OF THRONES is the Most Pirated Show Ever

This will not be a surprise to most, since we have long-known Game of Thrones tops the list for most-pirated shows each week that it’s on, but now it is officially the most pirated ever!  In the soon-to-be released (September 10th) 2015 edition of Guinness World RecordsThrones has been named the “Most Pirated TV Show.”


The entry in the books state:

Game of Thrones retains the No. 1 spot in Torrent Freak’s top 10 list of most pirated TV shows, with 5,900,000 downloads per episode in 2013. HBO and Warner Brothers executives controversially stated, that receiving the title of most-pirated was better than an Emmy creating a much-needed cultural buzz.”


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