Hannah Murray on Gilly and Sam’s Relationship in GAME OF THRONES (Spoilers!)

In a recent interview with Vulture Hannah Murray, who plays Gilly on Game of Thrones, discussed her character’s relationship with Sam and survival skills — see spoiler-filled excerpt below!


And Sam has been trying to protect her, where he can. They finally kiss!
From Sam’s point of view, it was up in the air whether she was alive or not after the attack on Mole’s Town. From the audience’s point of view, we knew Ygritte didn’t kill her, but that didn’t necessarily mean she survived. But then we find out she did, and she’s very, very, very [laughs] unwilling to let Sam take any part in the battle. She’s just like [laughs], “No! You said we’d stay together, it was stupid to send me away, now we’re finally back together, and now we’re staying together, and what use would you be anyway?” [Laughs] And then Sam takes charge and it’s all very manly and romantic and lovely.

What do you and John Bradley do to bond before or to decompress after your scenes together?
John likes to read me funny tweets in the car on the way home — because I’m not on Twitter. Like pretentious actor-y things. Like when people take themselves too seriously, and they’ll say something about how wonderful they are for how serious they take it. You can tell when people think they’re a little bit special, and it’s quite fun to laugh at them, and I think it’s good to laugh at them, because then you can deflate their egos a bit.

Even though you’ve shot big scenes at Craster’s Keep, Mole’s Town, and Castle Black, Gilly doesn’t get to interact with that many other characters other than Sam …
[Showrunners] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] took me aside and they said, “We’ve written a scene for you. You’re going to have a scene with a character you never would have guessed you’d have a scene with.” And that was the scene with Ygritte! And it’s really exciting for us as actors when you’re like, I’ve gone off-book! I’m off-book! It’s like this uncharted territory where anything could happen. [Laughs] And everything for me this year was off-book. Season three was quite close, because there were scenes that I could read in the novels, and then when I saw them in the script, I understood where they had been taken from. But this time around, it was a lot of David and Dan’s own direction to take. So that’s been exciting.

You know in the Mole’s Town sequence, that was all one shot? Up until you hear the owl hooting. So that was tricky to get right for a lot of different reasons — belching a song just being one of them. I wouldn’t be able to do that, not to a tune. I think doing that on demand in general is tricky! And she had to go from a huge party scene, and then come into the thing with me, and be really quiet and intense. And that was all completely contained, the way they filmed it. Alex Graves was the one who directed that, and I think he wanted to bring a bit of West Wing to how we did it, with the long take. And that was his way of letting you know something was wrong.


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