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HARRY POTTER Alum Joins OUTLANDER As The Toughest Nun In Paris

HARRY POTTER Alum Frances de la Tour joins OUTLANDER Season 2!

The Harry Potter alum who played Madame Maxime, half-giant headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy, is taking on an exciting new role!

Frances de la Tour has joined Outlander Season 2 as Mother Hildegarde, the intimidating, wise, sharp-witted Mother Superior at L’Hopital des Anges in Paris, where Claire volunteers as she and Jamie seek refuge and answers in France.

The imposing actress is also known for her roles in Hugo, Alice in Wonderland, and The Book of Eli, among other films, television shows, and theatre gigs.

Back in May, Producer Maril Davis showed us the first look at Bouton, Mother Hildegarde’s loyal pup who also does his fair share of work around the hospital.

Outlander returns in Spring 2016 on STARZ.