HARRY POTTER Book Covers by Olly Moss

These covers are a perfect compliment to J.K. Rowling’s famous books.

When graphic designer Olly Moss had the oppourtunity to create the new book covers for Harry Potter eBooks, he took it right away.  Moss is a huge fan of the series and was extremely excited to make covers.  He said about making the covers:

I wouldn’t work on something that I didn’t really love or wasn’t important to me, because I wouldn’t do a good job.

These covers are more than what first meets the eye, so look at them carefully.


Deathly Hallows is my favourite cover, because it’s the image that has summed up Harry Potter in my mind for such a long time. The scar – it feels like the culmination of the entire series and that’s the image that’s been stuck in my head.

‘This is a world where things often seem quite mundane on the surface and then have a secondary reveal. I love coming up with those images because it makes me feel that no one’s done this before – no one’s seen something in this specific way.


Did you notice all of the images hidden inside the seemingly simple book covers?  Such as the howling wolf in The Prisoner of Azkaban or the Hogwarts silhouette cleverly disguised in The Order of the Phoenix?  Especially Harry’s scar on the cover of The Deathly Hallows.  Definitely my personal favourite.

The eBooks with this artwork are available now and will be available in 2016 on Pottermore.


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