HARRY POTTER Franchise Releasing Stunning DVD Redesigns

HARRY POTTER is getting a gorgeous new DVD look later this summer!

The Harry Potter series is getting a DVD revamp leading up to the release the wizarding world prequel spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Warner Bros.’ executive director of film marketing, Angie Lai, has crafted two distinctive new sets of DVD covers for the eight classic films.

First is the “Moments” covers, which feature the main cast and big scenes from the books. In honor of Fantastic Beasts, they also include an important magical creature from each film! Click to enlarge.

“A fresh way to look at it is we’ve included a vignette from each film, which highlights a beast or a creature. It’s intended for new fans, but these elements are really what pulled at the heartstrings of lots of old fans as well,” Angie Lai told Pottermore, who exclusively released the new designs.

The second option, which we’re personally more partial to, is the “Iconic” collection featuring gorgeous photos of the important magical objects from each film.

In each of these covers, there are little easter eggs that fans who look closely can appreciate, Lai promises. “If you look closer, at the Sorting Hat, for example, you can see Harry’s glasses. Or if you look at Half-Blood Prince, you have Tom Riddle’s memory vial in the middle, as a little hidden gem … There’s a little script on the prophecy ball that only a true fan will know what it actually is.”

Are you more partial to keeping all your DVDs together in an 8-movie collection set? No worries, those are getting new covers too!


These new Harry Potter DVD designs go on sale on July 25, 2016.

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