HARRY POTTER stage adaptation producer talks plans

Producer Collin Callender is a big name in stage. Right now, he’s working on “Hedwig And The Angry Inch,” starring Neil Patrick Harris, and he has big Harry Potter plans in store.

DEADLINE: You also have a Harry Potter play in the works in the UK.
CALLENDER: Sonia Friedman, the English producer, and I are developing together with J. K. Rowling. It’s not going to be a play based on the books per se; it will obviously be about Harry but it’s a new story from J. K. Rowling  that hasn’t been told before and it will sort of explore the emotional life of Harry in a way that it’ll be different from what was in fact in the books or in the films.
DEADLINE: Rowling is notoriously protective of her work and her characters. How did you convince her to do another chapter of the Harry Potter franchise with you?
CALLENDER: She had been approached by a lot of people. They had talked about doing big event shows and musicals and so on and so forth. When Sonia and I approached her it seemed as though it was the first time someone had really talked to her about how one could be an intimate drama on the stage that would explore a side of Harry that hadn’t been seen before. And I think she responded to the possibilities of what could be done on stage and she has embraced it fully and is working with us. It’s very exciting.

Check out the rest of the interview on Deadline, but basically, there’s not much known for certain yet. As things get moving, we’ll hear more about Broadway plans, plot lines, and adaptations, but it’s early days!