HARRY POTTER’s 4 Privet Drive Is On Sale

If there was ever a time for you and all your Potter-loving friends to pool your money together, it’s right now!

A piece of Harry Potter movie magic is going up for sale. The three bedroom home at 12 Picket Post Close in Martins Heron, Bracknell in Berkshire– perhaps better known at its fictional address of 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey– is on the market for £475,000 (about $619,500).

The house has been completely remodeled from its days as the Dursley residence, but the exterior is certainly one we all remember! Harry may have hated living there, but the property has its charms.

The actual house was only used for the filming of the first Harry Potter movie, after which time a model was built in Leavesden Studios for the remaining films in which it was featured.

We don’t know why, but we have an inkling this property is going to go quick!



By Kait

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