Has Sam Claflin Seen a Catching Fire Trailer?

At last night’s Empire Awards, Sam Claflin was interviewed by Chris Hewitt, where Sam let’s slip that he’s seen a trailer! There is no hard evidence it exists, nor is there any official date when it will be shown, but it seems unlikely he would lie about seeing one.

sam claflin

Mockingjay.net transcribed the audio, so here’s what Sam said:

Chris: What have you seen?
Sam: I have not seen it, I’ve seen a trailer may- maybe, maybe! (Laughter) Uh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that but yeah. But I’m very, very proud of this. It’s one of the things I’m really excited to share with the world! It’s a fantastic feat, I think. Francis Lawrence is truly a wonderful director. So to have his touch on this franchise is a great, is a great thing.

We really hope this means we’ll be seeing a teaser soon! For complete audio visit Mockingjay.net!


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