Has TFiOS Changed Your Life? Share Your Story with Hearts4Hazel

The great people at Fangirlish and Fanspired have started a movement inspired by The Fault in Our Stars and they need your stories!  Whether you’ve been personally affected by cancer or just want to share how John Green’s novel has impacted your life, they want to hear about it.  All you need to do is send your story along with a photo and you will become a part of their movement to spread hope, love, and strength (something we could never have too much of)!

Here’s how to contribute (from Fangirlish)

-Send us your story. Tell us about how cancer has affected you. Tell us about how you survivedit. Tell us about how the book impacted your life. 

You may have not known someone with cancer – but have read the book. Send us how the book affected you. How Gus, Hazel, and Isaac changed your life.

-Send us your picture (one per story) to go along with it. Send this with your story to hearts4hazel@gmail.com.

All the stories will be posted on the hairforhazel.com website and tweeted out to share with the world through @Hearts4Hazel. We’ll change the world together, by spreading messages of hope and love and strength.

Send us your stories to hearts4hazel@gmail.com. We’ll update you with the launch of the site – which is expected mid-April, depending on how quickly you send us what you want to say.

For full details on the movement, CLICK HERE. We hope you will participate and/or spread the word about this — who knows whose life you may touch!