Have A Ball With These Deleted Scenes From CINDERELLA

Deleted scenes from CINDERELLA expand the fairytale world!

We all know the tale of the beautiful, kind girl raised with an evil stepmother and cruel stepsisters who attends a ball and finds her prince. But Disney’s recent live-action take on the tale earned tons of praise for its sweet, romantic take on the classic this past spring. Now, deleted scenes from CINDERELLA have found their way online!


What We See: Ella as a baby, marveling at the world with her loving parents.
Why It Was Cut: Filmmakers thought they might need an extra scene to establish the joy of Ella’s youth, but decided that the other scenes they shot would be enough.


What We See: Ella and Kit chatting about their mothers as they stroll through the romantic palace gardens.
Why It Was Cut: While sweet, the scene took audiences out of the action for too long without driving the plot forward much.


What We See: Ella writes a letter to the Prince requesting a meeting, but it’s hidden from him by the Grand Duke.
Why It Was Cut: Filmmakers struggled with whether or not a strong, independent girl like Ella would swoon so openly over her love interest.

While fun to watch, we can see why these short scenes were ultimately kept out of the final film. It was already fairly long and though they were often sweet, none of these scenes were totally necessary to move the plot along and they didn’t establish any new facts.

Cinderella is available now on Blu-Ray/DVD and Digital HD.


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