Have you heard the audiobook versions of Delirium or Pandemonium?

Laura Fabiani over at The Library of Clean Reads has, and she has this to say about it:

The narrator does an excellent job of capturing Lena’s voice and my heart raced as the narrator’s voice intensified as the plot climaxed. She captured the moments of teenage angst, the coldness of the aunt, and Alex’s tender love for Lena. I relished this listening experience, savoring every minute. This is the first YA audio book I listen to and it’s made me eager to listen to others in this genre.

Who here has listened to the audiobooks of Delirium or Pandemonium? Did you like it/them? Would you recommend them to others?

You can find the audiobooks on Amazon for Delirium and Pandemonium by clicking on the hyperlinked titles. Also, here’s the link to those books on iTunes. And, as always, you can check them out at your local library!

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