Helena Returns As Sarah and Rachel Team Up in ORPHAN BLACK’s “The Mitigation of Competition” Promo

Can “The Mitigation of Competition” bring some answers to ORPHAN BLACK?

Old enemies are forming new alliances, a lost sestra returns to her family with one hell of a hat, and there may be a reluctant new addition to Clone Club on this week’s episode of Orphan Black, “The Mitigation of Competition”!

It looks like Felix is killing it as a brother-sestra but chancing the loss of another important relationship, Donnie is out of jail but not quite safe yet, and Sarah, Rachel, and Ira are at a major crossroad. As always the question remains– Who can be trusted?

Orphan Black returns with “The Mitigation of Competition,” the ninth episode of Season 4, this Thursday, June 9, 2016.

With Susan Duncan deposed, Sarah finds herself in the same position as Rachel – under the heel of a new HBIC – causing the archenemies to come together for the greater good. Cosima and Susan butt heads on the ethical implications of human experiments. Meanwhile, when the Hendrixes legal counsel, Adele, further investigates Donnie’s case, she begins to suspect Felix is keeping deep secrets. Helena’s arrival forces Felix to make a difficult decision.

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