The Most Memorable Moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5

Find out what are most memorable moments from The Walking Dead season 5 are

This season of The Walking Dead has not been short on killing off major characters, basically those from Rick’s group, and it’s left big, gaping wounds in the hearts of many fans.  Nonetheless, we can’t help but find one or two in particular that cut us deep.

So, I invited Walking Dead fans Tiffany from, Crystal from, Rebekah from, and one of our staff, Stephanie to discuss which moments were the most shocking, the funniest, the scariest, the goriest, and the most satisfying in our most memorable moments of The Walking Dead season 5.

Most shocking moment:

memorable moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - most shocking

Tiffany: For me the most shocking moment in Season 5 was when Noah died in the revolving door right in front of Glenn. [Episode 14, Spend]

Crystal: Beth’s death [Episode 8, Coda]. I didn’t see that coming at all and when it happened I literally screamed, “THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN.”

Rebekah: The moment that Pete accidentally cuts Reg’s throat in the season finale [Episode 16, Conquer]. That was a gasp moment for me.

Stephanie: [Episode 3, Four Walls and a Roof] –  I know that Rick is brilliant.  Daryl, Michonne, Carol, the whole lot of them are a force to be reckoned with. But I was still shocked that Rick and our group anticipated that Gareth would attack the church. Could Carl handle the cannibals all alone?  Probably, but to my surprise our hero’s shock the Terminus gang and exterminate them.

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Funniest moment:

memorable moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - funniest

Tiffany: The funniest moment in Season 5 for me would be MOST of Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) lines!

Crystal: When Michonne tried to slice a walker and it was stuck on a rebar, so the katana made a clanging noise. There’s also Carol’s pee-inducing terror session with Sam [Episode 13, Forget].

Rebekah: Eugene, just most of Eugene. It might be the moment he talks about his mullet [Episode 5, Self Help].

Stephanie:  The reactions from all the ladies after Rick’s shave and haircut [Episode 12, Remember].  “Wow. I didn’t know what was under there.” – Deanna

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Scariest moment:

memorable moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - scariest

Tiffany: I don’t get scared at much so for me not too much in ANY season has “Scared” me! But I guess I can guess what I think would scare someone in Season 5. That would have to be Daryl and Aaron are stuck in the car at the food factory in the last episode of the season and there are about 100 zombies all trying to get at them [Episode 16, Conquer].

Crystal: Without a doubt the season opener in Terminus with the trough. I was genuinely scared watching that [Episode 1, No Sanctuary].

Rebekah: Like Tiffany, I also don’t get scared watching the series. But perhaps discovering that Terminus was a colony of cannibalist, that was pretty psychologically uncomfortable. Perhaps the part where they’re about to be butchered above that trough full of blood [Episode 1, No Sanctuary].

Stephanie: The scariest moments for me are in both of these episodes, Glen has in my mind, died.  In the revolving door, after watching Noah die, Nicholas has left them both for dead [Episode 14, Spend]. And then thankfully, Glen has found a way to survive.  And in the final episode of Season 5, again Nicholas has shot Glen and beat him, left him on the forest floor, seconds from being bit by a walker [Episode 16, Conquer]. Then bam!  Glen is alive!  I can continue watching the Walking Dead!

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Goriest moment:

memorable moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - goriest

Tiffany: Oh goodness, goriest moment? ALL of them! There is not ONE episode that doesn’t have gore in it. So if I had to pick one? Lets say once again the last episode [Episode 16, Conquer], most of the deaths in that one were really gory, nastier than most!

Crystal: Noah’s death was pretty gory and hard to watch, especially since you had to watch Glenn see it too [Episode 14, Spend]. One never feels great after watching someone’s face explode while they’re still alive. The trough scene in Terminus was pretty bad as well [Episode 1, No Sanctuary]. Then there were those gross waterlogged walkers in the food pantry basement [Episode 2, Strangers].

Rebekah: Yup, Noah’s death. Can’t even put words to it, other than “face melty” [Episode 14, Spend].

Stephanie: By far, the goriest thing that stands out in my mind, was when Rick ignores Aaron’s directions and choses Hwy 23 and has to plow through hundreds of walkers with Aaron and Michonne and Glen, completely disabling their car with zombie gore. [Episode 11, The Distance]

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Most satisfying moment:

memorable moments from THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 - most satisfying

Tiffany: My most satisfying moment of Season 5 was the last episode of the season when Rick finally kills Pete (Corey Brill) [Episode 16, Conquer]

Crystal: When the group kills Garrett and his cannibals in the church. Even though it was disturbing to watch, watching them eat Bob’s foot in front of him was really awful.[Episode 3, Four Walls and a Roof]

Rebekah: I can’t express how satisfying it was when Aaron gave Daryl that bike, and asked him to be his recruiting partner. Daryl’ never had a job before, and he finally has skills, and experience that are “marketable”. [Episode 13, Forget]

Stephanie: Daryl and Aaron bring Morgan Jones to Alexandria, completing his long journey to find Rick [Episode 16, Conquer]. Morgan has changed so much over the 5 seasons, and I think Rick needs him now that he’s gone a lil Shane.  Every episode should be 90 minutes long people.

What were your most memorable moments from this season of The Walking Dead?  Let us know in the comments!

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