Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Force Friday

Force Friday is almost here. As in tomorrow night people will have started to camp out for the midnight release of all brand new Star Wars products! I, personally, am very excited like many and have a game plan already worked out. It’s strategic, but I’m trying to get my hands on as many STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS items as possible. But what is Force Friday? Whose participating? Why will my bank account hate me by 3am? Let me break it down for you!

What is Force Friday?

Force Friday is September 4th, 2015. On September 4th at midnight, lots and lots of retailers will be releasing brand new toys, shirts, jewelry, fabric, plates, cups, underwear, etc from the new film, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. It’s not just happening here in the U.S., but also around the entire world. It’s a massive deal to STAR WARS fans like myself and it has really become a special event being celebrated everywhere.

What is being released?

That is the key question! It was actually supposed to remain a secret. We weren’t supposed to know anything about what was being released till the day of, but since the announcement of Force Friday, we now know basically everything that is being released. These stores get in there shipments in early, so that means photos have been leaking for weeks. Also most stores put out there merchandise towards the beginning or end of the week and with Force Friday being, well, on a Friday, has confused most shops, which means quite a bit of merchandise has already been released and is available for purchase in some stores. For instance, my local Walmart had Force Friday shirts, which the store wouldn’t let me buy, and cups, which they did let me buy. But people have been sharing on various Star Wars fan sites that there local stores are actually letting them purchase items, so many have their hands on certain items. For a list of everything that is being released, here’s a helpful checklist! There’s toys, underwear, books, and loads more.

star wars force awakens

Why will my bank account hate me?

Because EVERYTHING is being released. Literally everything. 300+ new STAR WARS items.

Who is participating in Force Friday?

Loads of stores are participating! Most Walmart, ToysRUs, and Target’s are doing midnight openings, while select Disney Stores are doing midnight openings well. (Make sure to check with your local stores to make sure they’re participating!) Stores like Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, Her Universe, PacSun, all other Disney Stores, Kay Jewelers, and Joanne’s are doing Force Friday, but will be opening the following morning. Need more info? Let me point you towards this handy guide has put together!

Can’t join Force Friday? Don’t worry because is doing an 18-hour live stream leading up to the midnight release of all the toys, books, clothes, etc, You can get more info here!