High Fashion DISNEY Princesses-PANDORA

PANDORA Charms Inspired DISNEY Princesses

DISNEY Style and PANDORA partnered with four artists and asked them to create an illustration based upon one of PANDORA’S charms. Each artist chose a different DISNEY inspired charm and created a unique representation of what a DISNEY Princess could look like. I would recommend having a look at each of the artists other works to have an understanding of how it has affected their interpretation.

Maria Lavigina – Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Maria Lavigina is a fashion designer, embroidery designer and, as you can see, an illustrator. Her designs are some of the most experimental we’ve seen, with mixed mediums, playful textures, and expressive colors. Maria explained to Disney Style why she was inspired by the Belle’s Dress charm: “When I was in junior school, I must have watched Walt Disney’s inspired version of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and the Beast around fifty times, no exaggeration! The characterization of the animated figures was exquisite. Belle inspired me as a kid as she was an outsider, and her love of books resonated with me deeply. I felt I was somehow connected with her as we shared these qualities in common.”

Dallas Shaw – Cinderella (Cinderella)

We wanted to work with Dallas Shaw because of her amazing fashion design sketches. It was only later that we discovered she was actually a huge Disney fan! The beautiful Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach charm embodied Dallas’s love of Cinderella. “I am a fashion illustrator with a serious love of shoes so of course I chose Cinderella when deciding which character to bring to life for this project. I am known for my leggy fashion illustrations so I turned Cinderella into a confident fashion diva with a strong pose and the perfect gown. I began my art career with the Disney company before working here in the fashion industry so this project was really a dream come true.”

Laura Kay – Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Laura Kay of Diary Sketches is a fashion illustrator who has been in love with art her entire life. Her colorful style reminded us of some of our favorite Disney Princesses, but we also loved the special modern spin we knew she’d give to the project. On why she chose the Snow White’s Apple charm as her inspiration, Laura said “Although Snow White was the ‘fairest of them all,’ she still remained kind, humble and grounded.”

Holly Nichols- Jasmine (Aladdin)

Holly Nichols’ passion is to merge fashion with art, which she totally achieves in this illustration inspired by the sparkly Jasmine’s Slipper Charm. “As a child, I was attracted to the lush imagery in Aladdin and of course, the vibrant garments of Jasmine. I reimagined [what Jasmine wears] into a couture style, but aimed to preserve her iconic look that is loved by so many generations.”


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