High School Hunger Games!

26 students were reaped for the honor of representing Newton North High School in Massachusetts for the first ever “Tiger Hunger Games”

The athletic and library departments created the Tiger Hunger Games for One School One Book. Through the Games, “our goals were to have everyone in school read The Hunger Games and to promote conversation on certain thinking points,” said athletic director Tom Giusti.

The Tiger Hunger Games consisted of seven physical and mental challenges and 26 students, who represented the 13 districts of Panem, the setting of The Hunger Games. After each challenge, physical education and health and wellness teachers eliminated four students who were unable to complete the task set before them. The final round consisted of the two remaining students.

Principal Jennifer Price as Effie (principal of the year!)

Tributes competed in six stages, with the final two tributes competing (fittingly enough) in archery to decide the victor.

In the first stage, student tributes stood inside hoola-hoops in a ring around the center circle of the field. Students had to gather as many supplies as they could from inside the circle and bring them back to where they were standing. At the same time, students had to protect their supplies from others who attempted to steal them. This challenge simulated the cornucopia scene from The Hunger Games.

In stage two, students threw objects at designated areas on the field to score points.

In stage three, students crawled underneath hurdles to collect four balls. Tributes could only take one ball at a time and had to place them in a bucket.

In stage four, the tributes answered trivia questions pertaining to The Hunger Games. The four students who answered questions incorrectly or did not answer questions were eliminated.

In stage five, students tried to hold balls in their lap while crab walking across a small section of the field.

In stage six, tributes were challenged to build pyramids out of cardboard disks by moving them from one peg to another.

Fitzpatrick and sophomore Theo Resnick were the final two competitors. For the final challenge, Fitzpatrick and Resnick shot arrows at a target from 20 yards away. Fitzpatrick clenched the victory because one of his shots was closer to the bull’s eye than Resnick’s.

Sean Fitzpatrick, victor of the Tiger Hunger Games!

I really wish I went to this high school! Unfortunately, there were no such thing as all-school reads at my high school, let alone awesome events like this! Read more about this at thenewtonite.com!

Thanks to myhungergames.com!

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