Hogwarts is Here!


We have had Pottermore, a couple of attempts at My Hogwarts, and now there’s a new alternate reality experience springing up called “Hogwarts is Here,” featuring everything you can possibly imagine (minus the magic, of course!…well, actually maybe there IS magic) within the Hogwarts experience. To quote from the mysterious creators:

Thanks to the Wizengamot, the British and American Ministry of Magics and a handful of tech-friendly professors from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry , a Hogwarts education has now become available online to all aspiring witches and wizards.

You are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, collect your textbooks and begin taking our 9-week courses online. You can now progress through all seven years of schooling and be assigned a professor, homework assignments, quizzes and more.

Meet other students online by joining a House dormitory, chat with others in the Common Room, browse and contribute to the Hogwarts Library, collect chocolate frog cards, earn galleons & house points and so much more.

Thanks to the efforts and resources (plus a little magic) from the Wizard-Muggle Integration Movement, this online Hogwarts experience and education is entirely free. With a lot of passion from fans and with extraordinary creativity, anything is possible.

To enroll or just check out the site, GO HERE!