Hollywood Crush Fancasts Four

Now that we’ve got our Tris in the form of Shailene Woodley, everyone is wondering who will play Four!

Alexander Ludwig has met with producer Doug Wyck about the role, however these type of meetings are common in Hollywood and usually happen with multiple actors before auditions even begin, so nothing is set in stone.

In the meantime, MTV Hollywood Crush is naming their picks for Four, some of which even factor in the fact that Four is actually a mixed race character nicely!

Jesse Williams
Okay, we’ll admit it: At 31, Jesse may be a teensy bit old at this point to pass as an 18-year-old onscreen…but with the role of Four calling for dark hair, piercing blue eyes and a certain gravitas, he’s certainly packing a lot of, um, qualifications.

Matthew Lewis
After years of playing the overlooked, doofy Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” franchise, Matthew is perfectly positioned to step into the spotlight as the star of the “Divergent” adaptation. And considering that he’s become a bona fide hunk of late, all he’d need for this one is an American accent.

Diego Boneta
From bit parts in “Pretty Little Liars” to his big breakout in “Rock of Ages,” Diego has been an impressive new presence in Hollywood of late; we like him so much, we even added him to the cast of our new show, “Underemployed.” But hey, if Hollywood wants him to ride the Dauntless train, we’d offer him a ride to the station.

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