Honest Trailer For THE JUNGLE BOOK Animated Film

Screen Junkies take on The Jungle Bore– I mean Disney’s animated film The Jungle Book in a new honest trailer.

The Jungle Book animation

With the new release of the live action film, the Disney animated film The Jungle Book has been given more attention than ever since promotion started for its remake. Just recently the animated film was given an alternate ending in a new edition of “How it should have ended”, which is pretty funny and worth a watch.

Now the animated film is being reimagined in a new “honest trailer” that is a MUST watch. It will take you back to the popular songs “Bare Necessities” and…well it will remind you of those epic scenes of Mowgli and all the animals…? It may shatter some childhood memories but the honest trailer doesn’t disappoint in the funny comments. Watch the video below:

Source: GeekTyrant