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Honest Trailers for GAME OF THRONES seasons 4 and 5

Game of Thrones seasons 4 and 5 get the Honest Trailer treatment, but also we get to see Jon Snow again!

Screen Junkies brings another nice honest trailer for HBO’s renaissance fair series Game of Thrones seasons 4 and 5, where they point out all the obvious, including the ploy of using “violence and bewbs to trick non-nerds into liking fantasy” as well as gaining more viewers who use their friends/family’s HBO Go accounts to watch the show.  *snicker*

Of course, the cool thing about it is we get to watch a kind of get a bit of an overview of the last two seasons as well as mourn over those we loved and lost – oh, poor Red Viper Martell and Commander for the briefest moment Jon Snow!  He still knows nothing, but we loved him anyway.

And, yes, they do talk about boobs, but one set of boobs sort of messes up the whole thing for those who’ve been enjoying boobs, and it’s hardly the right time to laugh about it, but honestly, the voiceover guy talking about losing the interest in it is kinda funny.

The trailer ends on a high note, starring all the things that make Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones – cruelty, animal cruelty, slaps (wow, there seemed to be a lot more than I realized), nods, eye rolls (well, in the seeing through someone/something else’s eyes way), and many other very specific things.

Warning: Video covers up the genitalia, but not the bloody violence.  



Source: The Playlist

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