Honest Trailers Reminds Us How Inappropriate PETER PAN Actually Is

When you watch an older Disney movie as a child, you don’t always pick up on the uncomfortable moments. Films like 1953’s Peter Pan were certainly that of a different era– one that didn’t consider racial equality or child predators all too much.

With the live-action prequel movie Pan on its way to theaters, Screen Junkies took on the Disney film that introduced us to the character and Neverland all those years ago in a new Honest Trailer. Re-watching as adults, the YouTube channel hilariously points out not only is one of Disney’s classics racist and a bit sexist, it’s downright creepy at its core!

Yeesh, Disney really laid it on thick back then! Good thing times have changed. Then again, the original story by J.M. Barrie featured Peter Pan killing boys who decided to eventually grow up, so the movie was still plenty Disney-fied.


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