Hot Topic Introduces New Suicide Squad Clothing Line

Hot Topic has unveiled their DC Entertainment Film SUICIDE SQUAD clothing line.

Hot Topic is no stranger to movie inspired clothing and accessories. I bet everyone of us has something in suicide squadour rooms from our favorite fandoms that we bought at Hot Topic! With DC Entertainment Film preparing to release SUICIDE SQUAD next month, it’s only fit that Hot Topic takes on a SUICIDE SQUAD clothing line for the mischievous heroes.

The famously known store just announced their SUICIDE SQUAD clothing line will be available on July 22nd. While some will be available in store, other items are online exclusives.

The fashion line also seems to be centered around three characters: Harley Quinn, Katana and Joker. With items ranging from $10 to $89, you can search through dozens of old and new collectables and accessories.

These are selected pieces, to see more images check out Geek Tyrant. To order SUICIDE SQUAD merchandise visit Hot Topic.

SUICIDE SQUAD premieres August 5th.

Source: Geek Tyrant