How the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Finale Plot Twist Came to Be

If you’ve already seen Breaking Dawn Part 2, you know that the ending is much different than the original book!

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg, and Bill Condon about how Stephenie came up with the new ending (over a steak dinner in Vancouver!) and what it means for the final film.

Here’s Melissa Roseberg’s account:

“[Meyer], at the time, was debating whether or not she wanted the fourth book to be a movie because she was concerned that the ending in the book climaxes at a very tense conversation, which was beautiful in the book — but for film, that’s not going to fly,” she continues. “We started batting around ideas and then we both had this idea at the same. I think she may have mentioned something first, ‘OK, this may be stupid, but what about this?’ And I was like, ‘What about that!’ And it was one of those moments; the light bulb came on, and we both suddenly got incredibly excited about it. That was it, we were both on board.”