Hunger Games Costume Exhibit Arrives in Seattle!!

Blacksparrow Auctions’ Hunger Games costume tour kicked off this weekend in Seattle at Emerald City Comicon  and I was lucky enough to see it up close.  It’s not easy to put into words just how AMAZING this experience was.  Event head organizer Fong Sam (who was a guest on last week’s Hunger Games Fireside Chat) and the entire Blacksparrow crew were incredibly accommodating, knowledgeable, and it was a pleasure to meet them all.  They even let me try on the Peacekeeper’s helmet which was AWESOME!  So first, a big thanks all of them for everything!  Now, let’s talk costumes.

Gale, Katniss, and Peeta

What I loved so much about seeing these costumes in real life is that I actually felt a little bit overwhelmed by them.  Take the above photo for example, it looks just like the movie to me.  Considering that it’s been nearly a year since The Hunger Games premiered in theaters, it was wonderful to see something that reminded me of a time that was so important to me.  I had no idea that Peeta’s apron would evoke such emotions, but it did! See the rest of the costumes that were on display in Seattle below!


The next stop on the tour is Chicago at the end of April which is the last scheduled stop before October’s big auction in New York. You can find all auction details  here.

Panaroma from Comicon

Thanks to Fong Sam for this panorama photo of Friday’s crowd in front of the costume exhibit.  Obviously a lot of people have now viewed these costumes, if you have as well let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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