Hunger Games Salute Adopted In Thailand

In a powerful statement of strength and rebellion, Thai protesters have taken to adopting what I’d call a powerful symbol within the Hunger Games world — the three finger salute.

Talk about fiction to reality.

As you can see in this tweet from Manik Sethisuwan, there is a real struggle going on in Thailand and as an act of protest, the people have spoken.

Thai Tweet

The protest is in regards to a recent takeover of the Thai civilian government by the military. Various policies have been put into place since the takeover (i.e. curfews & banning of public gathering over five people).

If Thai civilians were looking to get more attention and focus onto the issue, then it was smart of them to take a well-loved franchise, which also stands for rebellion and protesting the government, and use it for their real-life struggle.

Stay strong, Thailand.