Hunger Games survival analysis

If you are interested in seeing some in depth charts, graphs and statistics on survival in the Hunger Games, look no further.  Grad student Brett Keller obviously spent a lot of time compiling this, totally worth checking out.

As a student of epidemiology and economics I feel duty-bound to apply my cursory knowledge of statistics to the novel natural cohort presented in the Hunger Games novel, as documented by author Suzanne Collins. I present a Hunger Games survival analysis: in a Cox proportional hazards model, which covariates are associated with the odds (or hazard ratios) being ever in your favor? A taste of what’s to come:

The agenda:

  1. an explanation of the Hunger Games and facts relevant to this analysis
  2. a snappy literature review of peripherally-related things other scholars have written on the subject
  3. construction and presentation of data set
  4. do the Gamemakers rig the draw? an analysis of expected lottery outcomes in scenarios differing by tessera and demographic trends
  5. the main event: a Cox proportional hazard model to explore predictors of survival time in the 74th annual Hunger Games.

(Spoiler alert: there will be book spoilers throughout this post. I haven’t read the second and third books yet, so please don’t spoil them for me or others in the comments. I look forward to analyzing their data as well, and the integrity of this very important research will be enhanced if I can pre-specify the hypotheses I’ll test before I’ve observed the outcomes. Data-mining is not the  fanboy way.)

There is so much more, make sure you continue reading HERE