HungerGamesDWTC reviews ‘The Kill Order’

As part of their Outside Panem series, the wonderful admins at decided to review James Dashner’s The Kill Order. See Theresa (great friend of this site!)’s comments below:

Time once again to sneak under the District 12 border fence and explore more worlds Outside Panem. This week we are heading back to The Maze Runner Series and taking a look at the recently released prequel to the trilogy, The Kill Order by James Dashner.

Here’s a tidbit from our review:

What we loved:  ANSWERS!  Finally it is revealed how the world descended into chaos.  What happened when the sun flares scorched the Earth and how ‘The Flare’ took over and created in essence a world full of monsters (ie Cranks).  But a mystery still looms, and in true Dashner style we don’t receive quite all the clues to solve it. Keep reading!