I AM NUMBER FOUR Series To Be 7 Books Long

I got a chance to go to a book signing of the author who helped write the Lorien Legacies (for those of you who to maintain the idea of Pittacus Lore, I won’t say exactly who that author is, but for those of you that care to know probably already do), and although he was there to promote another series, we got to talking about the I Am Number Four series.  He would say much, but that there’ll definitely be some surprises in store, which he teased at when I mentioned Number Five.

If you’ve read The Revenge of Seven, you’ll know that Number Five certainly has more depth to him then you might’ve thought after reading book four, The Fall of Five.  Needless to say, said author wouldn’t give much more insight into what he told me other than that there’s a twist.  OMG, a twist!  Of course there would be.  Any excellent adventure series should always have a twist or two, or twenty.

That said, he did also state that book six is not the final book.  This 6-book series will now be a 7-book series, because apparently, there’s just too much epicness to be had to squeeze into one book.  Now, he may have mentioned this before or it may have been announced already, but it was news to me, and I was glad to have heard it from the author himself.

If you want to read my review of The Revenge of Seven, you can read it here.




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