IF I STAY Releases Willamette Stone’s “I Never Wanted To Go” Video To Celebrate DVD/Blu-ray Release

Happy DVD/Release Day, IF I STAY fans!

To celebrate the Blu-ray packed with special features, IF I STAY has released a new music video of Adam Wilde (Jamie Blackley) serenading us with one of the songs from the film, “I Never Wanted To Go”! Some majorly heart-warming and gut-wrenching scenes from the film play out as the 3-minute song rolls, so prepare for some feels!

Click below to watch!

if i stay adam video

IF I STAY is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.


If I Stay Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features

● “I Never Wanted To Go” Music Montage

● Beyond The Page featuring interviews with the cast, crew and Author Gayle Forman

○ The Love of Music

○ Adapting IF I STAY

○ An Out of Body Experience

If I Stay Blu-ray and DVD Special Features

● “Never Coming Down” Music Video

● Free download from the If I Stay Soundtrack of the song “Mind” courtesy of WaterTower Music

● Deleted Scenes Commentary by R.J. Cutler and Alison Greenspan

○ Bookstore

○ Hospital Chapel

● Audio Commentary by R.J. Cutler and Alison Greenspan

● Music Commentary by R.J. Cutler

○ “Who Needs You”

○ “Until We Get There”

○ “I Want What You Have”

○ “All of Me”

○ “Promise”

○ “Never Coming Down”

○ “Halo”

○ “I Will be There”

○ “Mind”

○ “Morning”

○ “I Never Wanted To Go”

○ “Karen Revisited”

○ “Today”

○ “Heart Like Yours”

○ “Heal” (If I Stay Version)

○ “Suite No. 1 in G Major for Solo Cello, BWV 1007: Prelude”

○ “Cello Concerto in a Minor, Op. 33”

○ “Sonata in B Minor for Solo Cello, Op.”

● Image Gallery

● Theatrical Trailer