Image of the Day: The Iparis Siblings from Marie Lu’s LEGEND Trilogy

The Fandom’s Image of the Day goes to this drawing of the Iparis siblings

It’s been a couple of years, I think, since the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu was finished, but this image of the Iparis siblings, June and Metias, brings the story back as if it were just yesterday that I read the first book.

*slight spoilers*

It makes it all the more awesome that the author of the books drew this piece of them right after their parents died – Metias still in his school uniform, I would assume, and June still very, very young and basically clinging on to her only family.  Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.  It’s such a powerful image that it was worthy of being posted not just on Tumblr, but everywhere else for all the Legend fans to see.

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