Important Characters We Didn’t See In THE HUNGER GAMES Movies

If you’ve only watched THE HUNGER GAMES movies, you’re missing a lot!

We love to watch movie adaptations of our favorite book series, but we have to admit: It’s just not the same. Books contain so much detail and depth that movies just can’t take on in their limited time frames.

Take, for instance, The Hunger Games. The movies were so good, right?! But the books? THE BOOKS! There were so many different elements to love about those books, only a fraction of which actually made it into the films. There are so many glorious places and backstories that movie-only audiences just don’t know and it breaks our hearts at bit. Even more than that, there’s a whole world of characters they never met!

So now, we’re going to celebrate the books in this post and give some love to the important characters to we sorely missed on screen.


Madge Undersee

Fans nearly rioted when they learned that Madge Undersee, Katniss’ only real friend besides Gale in District 12, wasn’t a part of the film. Katniss and Madge have a quiet but understanding relationship. Katniss is somewhat intimidated because Madge is the daughter of the district’s mayor and leads a privileged life– it isn’t until she goes to the Capitol that Madge’s wealth is barely worth noting in comparison to some others. She’s also the person who gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin, her first true symbol of hope, just after her reaping.

Lavinia and Darius

The films don’t explain the concept behind Avoxes until we meet Pollux in Mockingjay Part 1, but we learn about them in the books early on. It starts with the Capitol servant caring for Katniss during both of her Hunger Games experiences, Lavinia, who had her tongue cut out for trying to escape the Capitol’s clutches years ago. The horror of Avoxes really hits home for Katniss when Darius, a young District 12 peacekeeper, is turned into an Avox and forced to serve Katniss during the Quarter Quell after attempting to stop Gale’s brutal whipping. Their inclusion definitely added something dark and psychological!

Bonnie and Twill

In the books, Bonnie and Twill are Katniss’ first hints at hope and first signs of failure. The two are runaways from District 8 who bump into Katniss in the woods outside District 12. They are the first people who tell Katniss about the uprisings and talks of revolution, letting Katniss know she’s a symbol. They’re also the ones to tell her that District 13 is alive and well and while she’s doesn’t totally believe them at first, it sends our victor on a search for answers. But when Katniss finally makes it to 13, she discovers that Bonnie and Twill never made it.

Maysilee Donner

Maysilee may not be a physical part of Katniss’ story, but she’s a huge part of her symbolism. Maysilee, the aunt of Madge Undersee, was a District 12 tribute in the second Quarter Quell alongside Haymitch. The two worked together to survive until there were just five tributes left, at which time they separated. Maysilee died shortly after and Haymitch went on to win the games. She was the original owner of Katniss’ Mockingjay pin, the symbol that started it all.

Hazelle, Vick, Rory, and Posy Hawthorne

Gale is a great friend to Katniss, so much so that his family is like an extension of her own in the books. His mother, Hazelle, could offer Katniss a kind word when her own mother was distant and worked as a maid for Haymitch (leading to a lot of hopeful shippers.) His brothers and sister– Vick, Rory, and Posy– are a constant presence and encouragement as Katniss adjusts to her new life in District 13, especially. Plus, Posy has one of the sweetest lines in the whole book!

Peeta’s Family

While they don’t play as big of a role as Katniss or Gale’s families, Peeta is clearly shaped by his loved ones. His mother is a bit of a bully with a sense of entitlement, but Peeta takes after his father, who brings Katniss cookies after the first reaping and promises to look after Prim if something happens to Katniss. His compassion isn’t required, but it’s a natural part of him. Peeta also has two older brothers to whom he doesn’t seem to be very close. Still, he’s absolutely devastated when they’re all killed in the fire bombing, something we don’t see in the movies much.

Delly Cartwright

Every story needs a good Delly Cartwright! Delly is District 12 local who grew up with Katniss and Peeta. Despite the bitter world around her, Delly is endlessly optimistic– annoyingly so, in Katniss’ eyes– and always grateful for what she has. More than that, it’s Delly, not Prim, who’s instrumental in Peeta’s return back to his normal self after his hijacking.

Fulvia Cardew

Sacrificed in the films in favor of more Effie Trinket, Fulvia Cardew was Plutarch Heavensbee’s assistant with a vision for rebellion propaganda. It’s Fulvia who sets up and directs Katniss’ propos (initially indoors, then around the districts thanks to a suggestion from Haymitch.) Sure, Cressida is there filming it all, but it’s Fulvia that’s reigning it all in and sometimes making calls that risk the whole team.

See? If you’ve only been watching the movies, you’ve missed so much and you didn’t even know it! There’s still hope, however. You can get all the stellar in-depth details of The Hunger Games series when you enter our box set giveaway!

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