IN MEMORIAM: Young Adult Franchises That Died Too Young

It’s time to celebrate the Young Adult franchises that could have been.

We all love THE HUNGER GAMES, HARRY POTTER, and DIVERGENT, among other Young Adult franchises. But some movie franchises based off Young Adult novels are so lucky when they’re adapted for the big screen. Yahoo! has whipped up a bittersweet “In Memoriam” video to the franchises that never earned a sequel– many of which were victims of lackluster film making and not necessarily a lack of story.

While creative, the list is a little misleading in the fact that some of these films were never intended to have sequels and others are actually Childrens series. Still, it’s a fun little gag.

Despite the occasional screen mishap, we still think young adult franchises have a very strong place in the modern-day box office and have a YA novel adaptation list about a mile long.

Plus, some of these titles, like THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, still won our hearts despite lower box office numbers.


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