Ingrid Oliver To Return To DOCTOR WHO as Osgood

Ingrid Oliver will return as Osgood in Season 9 of DOCTOR WHO, despite her character’s supposed death.

Here’s the thing about dealing with a timey wimey wibbly wobbly show: Nobody ever really dies. But that means we get even more Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) in Season 9 of DOCTOR WHO!

Osgood is a scientist who works with UNIT and the personal assistant to Kate Stewart. She’s had two DOCTOR WHO appearances, including THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR special.

Check out Ingrid Oliver sharing her joy all over the Internet:

Normally, shows try to keep casting news with a twist like this fairly quiet. However, DOCTOR WHO films in public spaces and thus it’s nearly impossible to keep the news a secret. In fact, Ingrid Oliver was seen filming outdoros just yesterday with Peter Capaldi.

No word yet on when Osgood’s return will air.