INHUMANS are coming to both IMAX and ABC

Earlier today, ABC and Marvel announced that Inhumans are coming to both IMAX and ABC in September 2017!

In a first of its kind partnership, Marvel and IMAX Theatres will premiere the new Inhumans series first in IMAX and then continue on ABC as an ongoing series. The show will follow the inhuman Black Bolt and his royal family. Originally, Marvel had planned to release an Inhuman movie in 2019, but they removed itĀ from their release schedule back in April. The unexplained move makes more sense now that we know their future plans.

Sources say the show will not be a spin off of Agents of Shield, but an entirely new story. However, like all Marvel properties, Inhumans will almost certainly take place within the MCU. In the comics, inhumans mostly live on the far side of the moon, so it probably won’t interfere with the current Marvel storylines.

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