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Inside the GAME OF THRONES Episode “Battle of the Bastards”

Watch the Game of Thrones Inside the Episode for “Battle of the Bastards,” and get more details from the major players.  

Game of Thrones‘ Battle of the Bastards episode really brought it when it came to its title.  The scene was truly something you don’t see on the small screen, confirming the showrunners’ claim that it is the biggest showdown filmed and shown on the series.

Watch this Inside the Episode featurette and hear from the showrunners Dave Benioff and Dan Weiss and their thought process regarding Daenerys and her return to Meereen, Sansa’s understanding of Ramsey, the magnificent battle and the luck of Jon Snow, and Sansa’s revenge:

Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, and Iwan Rheon talk about their characters and their understanding of each other’s characters in this episode.  Kit and Iwan also talk about one little goof on Kit’s part during one memorable moment.  However, Iwan somewhat humorously reveals how he would’ve preferred his character to die:

In this Anatomy of a Scene featurette, it’s no surprise that we get into the details of the Battle for Winterfell, including the precision needed for the real horses used to charge towards Jon Snow and throughout the scene:

Gemma Whelan and Emilia Clarke talk the New Generation, which apparently consists of two immensely strong female characters uniting together to take back what is their, as well as flirt a bit with each other, which Emilia fully supports:


Image credtis: HBO


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