INSIDE OUT Deleted Scene brings Bing Bong back

Inside Out’s Bing Bong was made out to be something much more rebellious

If you recall in Inside Out, Bing Bong was Riley’s imaginary friend who still happened to wander around Riley’s long-term memory when Joy ends up bumping into him.  He was quite an outgoing presence in Riley’s mind, however, what the writers and director had previously had in mind for Riley’s friend was a little more extreme.

Director Pete Docter explains:

…Bing Bong was “a rabble-rouser,” trying “to make Riley stay the way she was, for his own self-benefit.” The deleted scene takes place after Joy goes into Riley’s mind, attempting to recover the long-term memories that she and Sadness accidentally displaced. In the far corner’s of Riley’s brain, she finds Bing Bong, Riley’s long-forgotten imaginary friend, who takes Joy on a tour of all the new construction. There’s a swear word library, a sarcasm generator, and a towering Center for Boy Research. “We’re not gonna take this lying down!” Bing Bong shouts at the contractors expanding Riley’s mind. “We are gonna bring back playtime and nap time and — power to the imaginary people!”

In the second video below, actor Richard Kind, who voiced Bing Bong, talks about his character’s heartbreaking scene and how it made him cry.

Source: Yahoo!


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