INSURGENT Cast Members Give Their Best Accent…Well, Sort Of

Who gives the best accent?

Yahoo! asked some of the cast of Insurgent to show off their best accent.  Some of them gave it a go, and some of them, well, explained their lack of.

Octavia Spencer, who plays Amity leader Johanna, brought out an impressive “posh” British accent that she claimed people said wasn’t really good. Not sure who told her that, but hopefully it wasn’t British man Theo James, who tried a French accent mixed with some non-descript European accent.

Unfortunately, Shailene Woodley didn’t even try because she apparently cannot do an accent:

“I cannot do accents,” Woodley told us. “I can start with a British accent and then three words in, all the sudden we’re in Georgia, and then we’re like, ‘Whoa, let’s go to in India,’ and then two seconds later, it’s like, ‘Are we in Bali? Where are we?’ And then you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m on the Gold Coast of Australia.’ It’s everywhere.”

Ansel Elgort talks about his Jamaican accent

Ansel Elgort was being very PC in that he said he could do a Jamaican accent (which we’ve all tried, I’m sure), but didn’t want to do so to avoid offending anyone.


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