INSURGENT: Check Out The Final Poster and Movie Tie-In Book Cover

Tris and Four take on the odds in the final major promotional image for INSURGENT.

Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are bringing a serious Bonnie and Clyde vibe to their dystopian future in the final poster for INSURGENT! The two are defying reality once again as they lay back-to-back, pointing their guns into the distance.


There’s some serious facial photoshopping happening here, but we really enjoy the overall look of the poster. It’s got a great sci-fi edge, we just wish the actors themselves didn’t come out so very airbrushed.

Lionsgate is also showed off some of the ways we’ll be seeing this advertising out and about in major cities:

Of course, this final image is more than just a poster. It will also serve as the cover of the movie tie-in edition of the DIVERGENT sequel coming to bookstores in the near future.

Lionsgate has also announced that we can expect a new trailer this week! The trailer will air on television during the Super Bowl pre-game show, but it will debut tomorrow 12pm ET on MTV. Keep checking our site for the trailer as soon as it’s up!


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