INSURGENT Clip: Tris Is Jeanine’s “Perfect Subject”

Tris discovers why Jeanine is hunting her in the new “Perfect Subject” clip from INSURGENT.

Eric is spilling his guts in the newest clip from THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT. Likely under the power of Candor’s truth serum, he explains to Tris and Four exactly why Jeanine is so eager to hunt down Tris specifically.

Shailene Woodley previously explained a few ways the INSURGENT movie will differ from the book. For one, Jeanine’s mystery box (a flash drive, in the books) was found beneath the Prior home in Abnegation. Jeanine believes the box can only be unlocked by a powerful Divergent and that Tris is the perfect subject for what could be a very dangerous experiment through the simulations.

QUICK SPOILER! Judging by the character’s positioning, we can’t help but wonder if Eric’s execution is only seconds away from the end of this clip!

INSURGENT hits theaters on March 20, 2015!